Esko Aho

Former Prime Minister of Finland and Innovation Expert - 芬兰前总理及创新专家

Esko Aho was Prime Minister of Finland from 1991 to 1995 and served as a member of Finnish parliament 1983-2003. Today, he is Executive Chairman of the Board at East Office of Finnish Industries representing the leading Finnish corporations doing business in Russia. He also is Chairman of the Board at Cinia Group Oy. Esko Aho is an elected member of the Executive Board at the International Chamber of Commerce. He is an invited member of the Club de Madrid, an independent organisation of former heads of state and government dedicated to strengthening democracy. He is member of the Board of Sberbank, Russia’s biggest bank. In 2015 he was appointed as Executive in Residence at Aalto University, where he works at the Department of Management Studies at the School of Business. He is a visiting lecturer at PSIA, Paris School of International Affairs.



如今,他担任芬兰工业东部办公室董事会执行主席,代表先进芬兰企业在俄开展业务。 他还是Cinia Group Oy的董事会主席。 他是国际商会执行委员会的当选成员。 他是马德里俱乐部的受邀成员,这是一个由前国家元首和政府首脑组成的独立组织,致力于加强民主。 他是俄罗斯最大银行Sberbank董事会成员。

2015年,他被任命为阿尔托大学校长,负责商学院管理学系工作。 他是巴黎国际事务学院PSIA的客座讲师。